Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holiday Eggnog

I don't know anyone who drinks eggnog at any time other than Christmas and New Year's, but I love it and make it religiously each year.  In these days of concern about raw eggs, I suppose some people would be hesitant to make it but I have never had problems.  In fact, I've read some articles which suggest the alcohol in the eggnog probably kills any salmonella.  And eggnog keeps - some recipes suggest aging it for weeks, even a year - as long as you keep it refrigerated.  If you choose eggs which are locally grown rather than from a large commercial egg producer, that probably also reduces the odds of problems.

For those of you still concerned, you might want to try a cooked eggnog (go to and search for eggnog), use store made eggnog and spice it up a bit, or use pasteurized whole eggs, which you can sometimes find in stores, especially around the holidays.  I don't recommend using Egg-beaters or similar products.  It will not be the same!

12 eggs, separated
1 1/2 cups superfine (baker's) sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 quart light cream (half and half)
1/4 cup each of rum and brandy
Bourbon (the original recipe recommends a fifth, but that is WAY too much, in my opinion - try a couple cups, taste and add more if you prefer it stronger)
1 pint whipped cream

In a large bowl, beat yolks until light.  Gradually beat in 1 cup of sugar, beating until light and fluffy.  Stir in next 5 ingredients.  Beat whites until frothy, gradually add remaining sugar and continue beating until soft peaks form.  Fold in egg whites and whipped cream.  Chill.  Before serving, stir thoroughly and sprinkle with nutmeg.

24 servings

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